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A soft & safe solution for dogs that are nervous in public; or for helping to control, whilst still allowing your dog to breathe, pant and drink without restriction. Key Points:  Safe & Secure Easily adjustable High visibility Breathable fabric Machine washable   

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Super-soft yet hardwearing for a dog to feel relaxed & settled in your home 

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Faux Fur

Blissfully soft and snuggly - Dogs love to feel comfortable warm and safe.

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About our sizes

We have adapted each product around the comfort of your doggies. Doodlebone have measured over 300 dogs, yes that right 300 dogs to make sure each of our products are available in sizes to fit all. From our in-depth measuring project, we have created a brand new numerical size chart available in sizes 1-11. I know it sounds different, but this is where Doodlebone Anatomy can help.